"Majewski" firm is a family company with traditions, known to the best polish and foreign architects. The core of our offer are the elements of furnishings made according to individual projects of a customer, such as:

  • Furniture - of timber lite (exotic timber), wood derivatives, veneer, laminates, natural stone, artificial stone, stainless steel and black steel
  • Doors - different types
  • Exclusive wardrobes

Among our customers there are:

  • PORR Polska S.A.
  • Portico Port Sp. z o.o.
  • American Restaurants sieć restauracji Pizza Hut i barów KFC
  • Dunkin Donuts sieć ciastkarni amerykańskich
  • Hotel Jan III Sobieski
  • Hotel Grand
  • Hotel Marriott
  • Instytut Brytyjski
  • Przedstawicielstwo EWG w Polsce
  • Restauracja Starlightcafe

Our products represent high quality and precise realization.